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lunedì 27 dicembre 2010

Project management on resolutions for coming year

End of the year is a well identified moment, a well defined date, that can be used like a separator between old and new. For our brain it’s easy to allocate this way of interpretation, past year=old, new year=new and the resulting effect is that we consciously or unconsciously when end of year arrive we start thinking on the past year and evaluate it, it’s the moment in which we sum the plus and the menus and we make a balance of ours 3 level of life, work, personal and family and contemporaneously we start defining what to do in the coming one.
In this, direct or indirect, activity, we put the base for the coming years goals. Mostly called resolutions in reality they are the project for the future; starting maybe from just a wish and could be become an effective reached one.
Mainly we found a negative result on the past year and we increase the hope for the coming one; this passive balance of ours life coming from the fact that we don’t spent so many time on our goals and we left floating in the wishing space.
If we (maybe starting from this year) want make ours resolution real and give to ourselves a concrete possibility, we need to spent a small time and thinking about our wish, select the most important and approach to those like real project. In practices we must consider like a work and use a process and trace a path and help us to persecute our goals.

Project management is the activity that we need to put in place. It’s not a joke or a funny thing, but also for really simple goal (like: I buy a bag) we need to invest our time for make it really profitable (making a thing that doesn’t give a value, result in losing time that we could invest in something that give us a value).

What we need to do:
1. Define goals (SMART goals)
2. Describe process (writing style)
3. Identify resource (mainly we will do all ourselves, but involve family could be an help)
4. Trace milestones (small steps that help us to realize our improvement)
5. Timetable everything (start date, end date, checks date, activities date, …)

We will have 2 immediate benefits:
• make our resolutions more near to become real
• make practices with project management

Now it’s time to start our funny job, yes, funny, because only if we make it enjoyable we can persecute our goals.

lunedì 16 giugno 2008

Basic concept of MARKETING part II

Strategic Market plan

The steps to realize the strategic market plan are:
  1. Market analysis
  2. Market identification and selection
  3. Selected market segmentation
  4. Positioning valuation
  5. Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is the final active actions to be implemented for correct the gap between actual direction and wanted direction.
The Market analysis has already explained in the previous part, here we start to talk about Market identification and selection.

2. Market identification and selection

For identify and select a market we must:
a) Analyze the supply
b) Analyze the demand
c) Competition advantage

a) Supply analysis

In the supply analysis the first choice is related to:

a) Economic sector analysis


b) Product sector analysis

and for the selected one, valuate the attractiveness, potential development, profitability.

For those evaluations we need to analyze the sector from outside and inside point of view; the main variables to consider are:
Ø Number of competitor
Ø Concentration of competitor
Ø Differentiation level
Ø Barrier to entry
Ø Barrier to exit
Ø Vertical integration possibility
Ø Globalization effect

For every of those variables we need to make the SWOT analysis:
a) Threats and opportunities (outside aspects)
b) Strength and weakness (inside aspects)
An example of model for analysis is showed in the picture.

Combining the evaluation of both aspects, inside and outside, we obtains the situation about how the market is and what we can expect; give us a clear way for selecting in which kind of market we want be.
Due to dynamic evolution of market, the situation can change and this is the reason why we need to be alerted about critical factors (elements that can influence ours business) and react immediately; some of those critical factors are evident (strong signal) other are difficult to catch (soft signal).
The supply analysis until now have considered only the direct competitors, but other subject can influence ours plan, from Five Competitive Forces model (Porter), Suppliers, Potential entrants, Buyers, Substitutes must be considered too, but we goes through in the next part.

domenica 15 giugno 2008

Start today to be sustainable

List of sustainability action that can be implement (easily and not):

  • Email are used a lot nowadays and a closing message about sustainability can aware people about, best suggestion received is “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail” simple and direct, but of course other message can be used and maybe changing the message every month or quarter can help to keep the aware.
  • Switching off all not necessary electrical equipment; especially when you go away in the evening from office.
  • Activate a recycling process for paper, plastic and all other possible things
  • Walk, all the time you can, prefer walking, biking instead of car and if car is the only solution try to realize car pooling.
  • Also nutrition can be part of sustainability, using goods that are product in a natural way.
  • Package, prefer package that are easily recyclable (instead of plastic use paper).
  • Prefer glass to plastic, if you can choice prefer glass bottle instead of plastic one (glass is much easy to recycle and the recycling have less eco impact).
  • Make always waste sorting, most material are recyclable is correctly sorted.
  • Use electronic brochures and commercial material (pdf file, powerpoint presentation) especially during big event to sent directly to customer or pubblish on web and let the customer know where to found (on visit card).
  • Use recycled paper

I hope with your comment to increase this list, please let me know all your idea and if you wish your name near the suggestion.

Bye Daniele

sabato 14 giugno 2008

Basic concept of MARKETING part I

When we talk about marketing, at the end we talk about Marketing-Mix, a policy related to 4 main pillars that need to be well balanced for kept the company healthy:
  • Product/Service
  • Price
  • Distribution
  • Communication

Those 4 pillars aren’t independent, each one influence the others; for this reason it’s not easy to take right decision when we talk about Marketing policy.On top of Marketing-Mix, it’s necessary to analyze the context around the company at 360 degrees (internal and external); if we kept in mind that a company is a small part of a system and like part of it, the company is strongly influenced by system change, but can only softly influence the system itself, it’s necessary to know, how the system is made for take the decision in the way of keep the maximum benefit (and not be influenced in the negative way because instead of anticipate we suffer the system behavior) .The system is composed by different subsystems:
  • Demography
  • Cultural and social
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Government and law
  • Physical
and for every one we need to collect particular information that it’s necessary for taking the right decision.We can identify in the “External Audit” the function that realize filtering and collection of the correct information for every subsystems (p.e. by analyze marketing trend, customers behavior, competition, …).Importance of External Audit can easily understood by few example; if we are a company that produce cars, if the government apply a new tax on the car, this influence the acquiring behavior of cars and probably the number of car sold in the market decrease; if the cost of life grows, people have less money and this reflect directly on the global trade; if in a country for a historic cultural background people prefer rent instead of buy (or in the opposite) , it’s clear that you must kept present for the direction of your choice.

If you have correction or adding post a comment. Thanks.

Bye Daniele

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